Thursday, January 26, 2012

BMW’s new M models launches with four vehicles

BMW’s new M models launches with four vehicles
BMW’s new M models launches with four vehicles, including the M550d xDrive Touring, X6 M50d, M550d xDrive Sedan, and the X5 M50d.
If it were not already jealous of the cool cars offered abroad, BMW gave four examples of the forbidden fruit. After much teasing, the automaker has finally revealed its line of diesel-powered vehicles before their debut performance M Geneva Motor Show, but the company insists that the four models are not obliged to our shores.
Range of BMW M launches new models with four vehicles, xDrive sedan M550d, xDrive Touring M550d, M50D X5, X6 and M50D. All vehicles will be powered by a new 3.0-liter turbo-diesel I-6 three, confirming previous rumors of this type of engine. BMW says that the three high-pressure turbocharger and the use of variable geometry turbine. The engine also uses common rail direct injection with piezo injectors, a good combination for the maximum injection pressure of 2200 bar. What kind of power has all the hardware network of luxury? A robust 381 hp and a torque-tacular 546 pounds-feet (for the results of the interview, it is 120 to 170 horsepower less than the M5 and X5/X6m, but a further 44 to 46 lb-ft of torque) . The maximum power is reached at 4000 rpm, while maximum torque is available at 2000 rpm and below the red line of 5400 rpm.
Incorporates many of the BMW EfficientDynamics technologies the brand new models M and earnings for each model of start-stop functionality, and a means to optimize the efficiency Eco Pro An eight-speed automatic transmission is available only if changes and all models BMW xDrive system will depend on the four-wheel drive, optimized for wide dynamic range. For management, each of the new diesel engines are unique affinity with M suspension springs and shock absorbers new. As an added benefit, and X5 xDrive Touring M50D M550d also self-leveling rear air suspension.
Each performance model M also receives subtle exterior enhancements, including mirrors and bars of iron breakdown finished metallic gray, trapezoidal exhaust tips, and gloss Shadow Line a 19 - or alloy wheels 20-inch .
It's fine, but how do you offer? BMW has published estimates of the acceleration, top speed and average fuel consumption, and the numbers are quite impressive. BMW xDrive Sedan M550d says can run from 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds, and - like all the models - you can hit an electronically limited top end of 155 mph. BMW offers fuel consumption is about 37 mpg combined, although this figure is based on experimentation in the EU cycle. M other diesel engines will not be all that much slower: the Touring M550d sprint to 62 mph in 4.9 seconds the M50D X5 in 5.4 seconds (more than a second faster than the previous one, we tested X5 xDrive35d) and X6 M50D in 5.3 seconds.
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