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2012 Ford Focus car reviews

As told in an earlier study, and the new focus in Titanium trim is good enough for the price tag of over $ 27,000 for the Ford-ROM to justify. But what if you do not want to spend too much, or would a manual transmission, which is not available with the levels of SELL trim or titanium look like? How much did you give to the SE? I asked the $ 21,380 SE hatchback ford focus with the sports package to find.

With small cars and hatchbacks are often more attractive relative to the sedan. To my eye, and the focus is the exception. With the lock, and it seems quadrants background crumpled and drawn out, with a little bit too much going on. Large rear does not help. I also wondered about Chris Pearson under the tail lamps, and before you realize that the smart way to say the location of the filler door-to be determined. Small opening celebration is cleaner and more attractive design. He said all this, and today's competitors are either less attractive, less elegant, or both. Focus on the least lacking in this kind of deal, which resulted in the death of aesthetic flourishes on the Mazda3. One possible exception: the presence of a black wheels $ 495 upgrade 17-inch tires. Easy to solve: not check this box and check sales (more on that later). Wheels make a huge difference in one body style: both the sedan and hatch looks much better with the 18S in five of the optional titanium spoke to the other, smaller wheels in the list.

SE loses within the padded upper door panels and crafts and some of the titanium and 'piano black' little further reduce the silver embarrassment. I did miss, and find the SE internal terribly cheap in comparison. But during the week I had a car I did not. Not one bit. Everything looks and feels solid and precise. SE black cloth with a touch of gray and rugged looks and feels both sport and luxury. This is the method used to re-do the BMW cloth in the 1980s, before the leather (or something close enough to fool the masses) and became the task of leadership in the machines at the end. Need more colors in the car? $ 795 for Ford replaces the red and black leather. With the sun and outside temps in the mid 90s, I was happy to test the car lacks this feature.

As noted in the earlier review of the dashboard is very large, and the height and depth of the limits of what I consider to be open enough to see. I cranked back the seat a few clicks in order to get more than good. You can not My Ford Focus Touch SE. Instead, as is the case at the party is confusing, non-traditional groups to deal with buttons and voice communication systems. I used the base after a few days, but to take full advantage of the system requires either a large, often frustrating trial and error (or terror) on a journey through the manual.

Sport package includes a sport steering wheel, leather-wrapped steering wheel and bucket seats sport highly amplified. This is both comfortable and supportive. The head is not very far ahead to be intrusive. Support non-adjustable lumbar support fit my back, but others do not doubt that the desire for greater swelling and / or higher. In 09/05, and 160 pounds, and I'm not a big man, and had plenty of space in the front seat. More drivers may find the instrument panel and center console are too tight. Maybe a seat and supports good about it was perfect for me.

The same goes for the rear. I can back a very comfortable with myself is about an inch off the air for my knee, one inch above my head, but also high in the shape of a pillow to support my thighs. The six-footer for more pressure.

The volume of goods in case of lock-ROMs. 60/40 in the second row seats fold to form a flat floor, but not easy. Instead:

1. However, if the front seats have a long way forward and upright, and moving out of the way.

2. Forward Tip the bottom of the back seat.

3. Remove the headrest of the backseat.

4. Fold the rear of the rear seat.

5. The return of the front seat, at least part of the road to its original position. (And can not move seat all the way back, but enough. Drivers to about six meters)

I guess there is a choice between ease of use of the hand, and a flat floor and a full-size rear seat on the other hand, won the last priority. If it would help head that background, such as folded on the Explorer, but this possibility was excluded for reasons of cost.

Get a moving car, and focus on the SE impresses immediately because he did not titanium. This $ 20,000 Ford carefully refined smoothness, hardness, peace and serenity that we had a very expensive machine to buy to get the German. This is evident in 51 feet, and it remains impressive after one week in the car. Even on the pockmarked streets of Michigan riding a good focus, with body movements tightly controlled. Some automotive shock absorbers slightly better, but they have the advantages of a longer wheelbase and wider track. Chevrolet Craze and not far in the refinement of the general. But the Hyundai Electra great songs, and new for 2012 Honda Civic is hopelessly far behind.

And played a major sixth to stand. The guide aims to provide a five-speed grunt of the line and the economy on the highway, so the percentages are a bit scattered over a very wide range of the engine with a maximum torque of 4450 rpm. On the other hand, run the shifter and clutch any easier. Throw the length of the effort and moderate right, and it's just as fine as the rest of the car. A shareholder: the heavy flywheel to a certain extent some of the capabilities of the engine to weaken.

The emphasis should be on the next with an ST-hp - 247 turbo four and six-speed manual treatment of the ills of performance, and some, according to, well, and high costs. For those who want more than 160 horsepower, but that does not need or want to pay for a license seems to threaten, speed, and to consider atmospheric Ford Focus 2.5-liter four with nearly 200 horsepower. This would affect the sweet point.

2.0-liter engine in economic terms, especially given the weight of the car. And Environmental Protection Agency estimates 26 city / 36 highway. The on board computer and low-30S in the suburbs, driving with the AC on high.

Sport package does not change the settings of the suspension, which is currently the "sport tuned" for all trim levels (per Q & A with Ford). Handling is very good, but again short of exciting. Will the guidance system, while the weighted properly and generally will be better than most buyers use them and feel more clear and more accurate, and precise. The Mazda3 retains a clear lead in this field, and even the Ford Focus former felt more directly. Partly this is the cost of refinement, but also to maximize the electrical system of the economy rather than a full hydraulic hybrid and electric used by Mazda. The chassis SE focus to just about everything you ask for good (except the feeling of light on his feet) to do a sharp turn, understate nearby (partially due to the magic of electronic and with the brakes), and good communication and excellent composure, and even approach you outside the confines of the front tires. Then things are a little soft, and very safe.

Step until the titanium, and an additional $ 595 for a package you get a firmer struts and moderately 235/WR18 Sport3s Michelin Pilot grip harder and more precise feel in aggressive driving. Or just do as already suggested: No $ 495 to spend on the Cont is 17-inch factory, and go after the sale.

As mentioned in the introduction and lists for $ 21,380 test car, while the comparable sedan lists for $ 20,780. You can use the $ 495 without the 17-inch wheels and tires, but in this case you will certainly want much more attention to the group after the sale. You could also save $ 800 by doing without USB SYNC system and Bluetooth connectivity and satellite radio, but you will not, unless you still live in the twentieth century.

2011 Mazda3 hatchback same facility, and it's less than $ 110. Set the remaining feature differences with true delta tool to compare prices to find the car are almost identical. Thus the decision between these two not on the basis of price. Instead, the refinement and fuel economy (21/29 Mazda was only nominally) for the acceleration and driving feel. For most men, Ford easily win in this match up.

A Kia Forte 5 SIX is buying in this part of the budget, with a list price of $ 19,090. With the larger engine, it is faster than the focus, and the guarantee for a longer period, but less efficient (22/32), and much less refined in almost everything (materials, powering, ride and handling). On features, but also here. Is it worth saving $ 2,000 for a car that looks and feels $ 5,000 less expensive?

For a premium look and feel of the focus in a car, a semi-reasonable, it is necessary to deal with the Golf hatchback and VW not to, yet discontented not on par with the Ford. I can not sporty look and feel of the Focus SE sport the escalation of the GTI (and faster) much more expensive. Comparison between the presence of a base for golf with Bluetooth for 2011 SE with a focus SYNC, but without the Sport Package and 17's, and Volkswagen about $ 400 more. Nearby, a focus on both the Mazda3, but without the elegance of their own.

Ford Focus 2012 honer joy right out of the box, but with so I'm quite surprised when I saw how good it is. Even in SE trim, the look, feel, and refinement of the car much more expensive. And drives better than 90 percent of the population and never expected. So, if you just want a really good, and cut a nice compact car, but no use for + $ 27,000 or even $ 21,000 (before tax and merchant) to spend doing the trick.
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Is really a look through the reduction of a new dynamic in the streets and elegant interior with the acclaimed Ford's new kinetic design language. Two distinctive body styles available and convertible, each with a special appeal. There is no doubt enjoy the drivers cockpit environment, but .. While none of the cabin and comfort and convenience, and the center console, and start looking around on the design

Five stars in crash tests, with six airbags, and a group of technology in an attempt to prevent a collapse in the first place. There is also the strength of the body with extensive use of high-strength steel. Focus also features the new patented front sub frame, which in severe frontal collision pairs, and to avoid deformation in the passenger cell, foot well area. Has been enhanced protection for pedestrians by adding a "soft" cover design in the structure of the body front and Ford moved in space to help further reduce the risk of injur

The basic line-up of the concentration of 2011 is simple: hatchback and sedan bodies, and three engines - 1.6 liter petrol, 2.0-liter turbo diesel and 2.0-liter gasoline engine - with five-speed manual and six-speed DSG power shift the car.

The dual-clutch Power shift magmatic hard to see the daily driving and sport, as it offers the best of both worlds, and extra equipment in the directory, which has only five gears. What happened to the six-speed manual?

And the car to be a hero to focus on next RS. But what arrived this week already bodes well for the hot hatch in the future. In the short time he spent on dirt roads and runs off the asphalt, the new focus showed a good grip and agility.

Smaller engine 1.6-liter gasoline needs to be up at the instigation of the rev range for any luster, but between the 2.0-liter and more enthusiastic - no surprises there. But this is a 2.0-liter turbo diesel that we spent more time with that looks to be the best for all round, and the development of 120kW/340Nm - 20kw and 20Nm more than the focus TD Ci we drove past. A six-speed automatic is a good worker, but the button on the side fiddly and awkward to use.
The emergence of the full engine, see Cars guide the end of this week.
Price: from $21,990
Warranty: 3 years/100,000km
Resale: 50 per cent after 3 years (Glass's Guide)
Service interval: 12 months/15,000km
Safety: 5-star ANCAP
Engines: 1.6-litre petrol, 92kW/159Nm; 2.0-litre turbo diesel, 120kW/340Nm; 2.0-litre petrol, 125kW/202Nm
Body: Four-door sedan, five-door hatch
Weight: 1311-1543kg
Transmission: 5-speed manual, 6-speed Power shift DSG, front-wheel drive
Thirst: 5.5-7.2L/100km, 95RON/diesel, CO2 144-167g/km

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