Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Brief History of Solar Cars

solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, The top of the table on two wheels is still not a familiar sight on the roads in all parts of the world. But if you ever catch one, do not doubt that it must be solar-powered car. And models mostly took the form of flat solar collectors on four wheels with the driver, just managing to squeeze the same as in anything in which the pilot, the interest in solar energy cars grew in the fertile minds that are running the gates of our universities. Enthusiasm is fantastic against 'environmental risk' and belching carbon we commonly call the development of cars and rushed her cousin solar.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Car owes its existence to solar photovoltaic cell. A small piece of silicon that carries energy from the sun to the batteries. The cell optical appearance in the United States in 1954. Pioneering work allowed young Darryl, Calvin Fuller and Gerald Pearson at Bell Labs for us to take advantage of the sun's energy for the first time. Forward on development.

In the early years of the cars, and racing was to develop a vehicle laboratories, where they often took place. Thus was the case with solar energy vehicles along its short history. Was opened by Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins in solar car race when they went on an epic journey of the solar energy from Perth to Sydney (Australia) in 1983. Car-like in practice 16 foot open boat. But not 4052 miles in 20 days, an average speed of 23 km / hour. This was the first car in the world, solar-powered car. And the exploitation of her name fit - 'Pacific successful. Abundance and helped the Danish adventurer. Solar car races quickly began capturing eyeballs, and helped to deploy solar energy as an alternative.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, The success of the first adventure across the Australian outback Hans Tholstrup to start the challenge of the World Solar in 1987. Jumped more than the first effort showed in 1987 when he won the Sunraycer GM event with an average speed of 67 km / hour. Today, this event is the camp twice a year, as well as a measure of developments in the field of solar cars. For example, 2005 has seen touching the car at speeds exceeding 100 km / hour. This leads to the organization of some major changes related to safety.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Began to challenge the global solar energy and the other will soon follow. North American Solar Challenge brings to the University of the top teams pitting their brains as well as many of their skills against each other. Ran one this year from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Alberta. GM was the follow-up success in the global challenge of solar energy before the start of this version of America / Canada. This was an attempt to promote an inspiring engineering of cars and solar energy among university students. May not be stormed heaven popular Formula One, but with the races in various parts of the world - Circuit Suzuki (Japan), and assembly of the World Solar (in Taiwan), Phaethon (Greece) and others, can expect an enthusiastic work of the ignition.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Entered today, solar energy vehicles in the area of ​​Popular Mechanics. Practical applications of the road looking to use solar energy in hybrid configurations. And France are expected Spray AstroLab and a car in the world's first solar electric hybrid. With a top speed of 120 km / h and continuous operation of 110 km, and we might see it just kerbing up in our neighborhood. Participated in the 2008 Paris Auto Spray there is a line of electric vehicles.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, There are taxi solar or 'Solartx' to you. Example of the vision of Switzerland, and the car attempts to be a pioneer in the field of information about cars, and can be relied upon every day. The support of the Group 6 square meters of solar size, the car goes 400 miles without recharging. It includes a trailer and hovering around in the maximum speed of 90 km / hour.
solar energy,  Solar Cars, Solartx,. global solar energy, Toyota is seeking to add solar panels on the Prius. An innovative, optional attachments can deliver 300 watts of power, and also serve as sunshades. Might see a 2009 release.
'History of the solar car' is almost an anachronism because it seems contemporary to some extent. But with the evolution of technology and shapes with the passage of time, we might be looking at cars like the Prius and artifacts. Let us hope that the solar car to find a place for them in a

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