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2013 Ford Fusion Overlook: New Ford Coming This Summer

2013 Ford Fusion Overlook: New Ford Coming This Summer
2013 Ford Fusion Overlook: Ford was the belle of the ball at the Detroit Auto Show with the world premiere of its mid-size car, the Fusion 2013. Oh! What a surprise, considering that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler are not really concerned about the trucks and large SUVs for many years. If you want to shop for Toyota Camry family sedan, Honda Accord, Nissan car Altima and Hyundai Sonata more recently. All three of Detroit simply not competitive in this very important segment of the automotive market.

Times have changed. The new Fusion, you will not see on the road until late summer, it looks like a winner. It won the Audience Award at the Motor Show probably due to its high style, after all, no one outside the company that brought yet. GM Buick brought back to life with some excellent cars and new Chevy Malibu will launch a completely new late this year. This is important because if you look across Canada and the United States today, you realize that approximately one third of the cars are to Detroit automakers.

What is the new Fusion in your favor? According to Chris Hamilton, head of exterior design is proportion. "We want to create a boring mid-size car, we wanted to create a beautiful product. It seems expensive, even if it is not." Hamilton, a British 43 year old had spent most of his career in Europe. His fusion of design seem to break the stereotype fade, American cars we have come to see the queue before the rent.

The origins of the car are also interesting. The process began four years ago, while GM and Chrysler have been teetering on bankruptcy, while Ford mortgaged everything they had to raise money to continue. Even in the darkest days of Ford spent their money borrowed from engineering and design - and for cars, not just trucks. We have seen the compact Focus and the Fiesta subcompact came out of this investment and now is the fusion of medium size.

It's a beautiful drive from most angles. He has the suggestion of an Aston Martin on her with a raised trapezoidal grille, fog stretched thin, sloping roof and the position of the muscles. And the interior is even better. Hamilton is well, the car does not look like much more than twenty or thirty thousand dollars, is expected to sell.

Ford is dropping the V6 in their average size, as many manufacturers do, and there are three engines and two four-cylinder hybrid versions - which includes a plug-in. You can also come loaded with optional equipment as tempting and expensive Ford MyTouch system is activated voice command, which includes more than ten thousand words, and new sensors, cameras and radar to keep track offer, Adaptive Cruise Control, Park Assist Active Care and blind spots.

The merger also will be a North American car available with the dominant first Stop-Start. When cutting the engine when the wheels stop turning, you can save up to ten percent of its fuel in the traffic-clogged cities. That the merger has not, at least for now, is a wagon version. However, the merger is a car in the world, are sold in markets around the world alike. It was designed to meet crash standards for all. In Europe, call the Mondeo and European Car of love. So go get one.

I'll take the merger as soon as it becomes available and the report. But the fact that 2013 Ford car has an average size of the property, the fact that on a Chevrolet Malibu that I hope will be great (based on the quality of the current), the fact that Cadillac is coming to ATS will swear as good or better than the BMW 3 Series, the fact that Chrysler has the Dodge Dart, which is essentially an Alfa Romeo, all show that Detroit - Motor City - is finally developing a new car culture.

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