Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 Toyota racing series got lead by Southland driver Damon Leitch

South-land driver Damon Leitch leads to the second round of the 2012 Toyota racing series with a slight advantage in the championship and time with the hope of improving the hail and sleet in the first round in Invercargill.

For the first time a rider had taken Southland series, and many more international drivers that the inhabitants of three to one, the closest rival is the second round Leitch is another Kiwi, Nick Cassidy.

Leitch has 181 points, ahead of Cassidy in the 173.

Asseldonk pilot Hannes van Holland won the first major trophy in the series last weekend in Invercargill, and is the third in the championship with 150 points.

He won two of three runs for the SRT in Invercargill, taking into account the spirit of the Cup of Nations and the third race affected by rain, although the division of high-speed track that this race was red flag.

Only 31 points separate the top three in the championship with 75 points for each victory. The British rider Josh Hill, who won the first race of the 2012 series, is also well within walking distance, as Felix Serralles, Puerto Rico. The best rookie in the series, Bruno Boniface, is the sixth in the points.

The second round of the 2012 Toyota Racing Series will begin on Saturday International Raceway levels, with qualifying and the first race of the weekend. Pilots must do more testing and qualification in Timaru have good grid positions and the speed of the track at every race.

Category Manager Barrie Thomlinson says that extreme weather in Invercargill challenged pilots and gave them valuable experience in the car. With so many new drivers in the series, the chance to get used to the way the cars driven in wet conditions and the wind was "priceless."

"Invercargill demonstrated the value of our team structure and massive experience and knowledge gained by the teams over the past seven seasons.

"For the drivers it would have been very reassuring, since it came out in racing that took place in the most variables as possible," he said.

Thomlinson said the teams expect a more stable climate in the second round. The main race is the Timaru Herald Trophy, over 20 laps on Sunday.

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