Thursday, February 2, 2012

Toyota forklift 8FBN models coming with energy efficiency

Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) will soon present a new range of tonnes of capacity from 1.5 to 3 classified into four-wheel electric counterbalanced forklift battery.

The new Toyota forklift efficient 8FBN series meets customer demands for longer operating time between charges.

It also offers greater safety and environmental resistance performance, operator fatigue, durability and water.

8FBN There are five models, ranging from 1.5 to 3 tons of load center 500 mm with a range of masts, hydraulic controls and accessories.

A number of accessories available, and a package of cold storage for operation at least 45 degrees Celsius and a set of protection against corrosion.

TMHA National Product Manager of electric forklifts from Toyota, says Jim Lobow the new series of lift trucks has a new 8FBN AC, more efficient engines and controllers, the improved design of equipment and a completely new pedaling system detection for regenerative braking.

"Pedal regenerative braking can sometimes be the new Toyota forklift 8FBN models to improve the efficiency of energy recovery, increasing the operating time," he said.

"The relationship regenerative braking when braking is adjusted by the percentage of the brake pedal travel."

TMHA enhancement requests associated with an improved model of the series of about five percent more uptime 7FB.

"The greatest single advance in the series could be the equivalent of fire control 7FB speed automatic," says Lobow.

"The new system combines the sensor lift height and load weight, the automatic speed control that limits the speed of the truck turning -. Depending on the condition of the vehicle "

At high altitude, vehicle speed, acceleration and deceleration are limited depending on the cargo.

The combination of new design high-mount rear axle and the speed control ensures the forklift becomes more stable operating conditions.

"Increased water resistance IPX4 rating and zero emissions, including hexavalent chromium-free design means that the new Toyota 8FBN series is suitable for a wide range of end users and even challenge some of the applications of truck engine "added Lobow.

The main options for the new range of Toyota forklifts 8FBN switch also includes a master manipulator, and shock sensor.

It is also possible to roll or roll-out of forks on the bottom of the box from the battery to a battery side can be used for the implementation of several rounds.

A pioneer in the series has 8 internal combustion engines have been adopted, including the control of lifting height and the sudden acceleration to pie-start the control and prevention.

The new SAS now has € 8FBN with enhanced features such as automatic speed control and vehicle speed.

It also comes with the tower controller role asset tested, which now includes tilt-leveling rear active steering synchroniser and optimize productivity.

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