Monday, February 13, 2012

President of Toyota Motor North America:19 New products may come this year under Toyota, Lexus and Scion

After the memories of his days in Chicago as a graduate student at Northwestern University, Toyota said Yoshi Inaba why 2012 is such a great year for Japanese OEMs.

President of Toyota Motor North America and chief operating officer, said recently in a meeting at the Economic Club of Chicago, which the automaker will launch 19 new or updated products this year under the Toyota, Lexus and Scion.

And Inaba said that many of these vehicles either fuel or hybrids.

"As anyone here can remember, gasoline was the fuel for cars and trucks in the U.S., and will continue in the foreseeable future," Inaba admitted.
"But fossil fuels are difficult in the environment and supplies do not meet the growing global demand from countries like China, India and Brazil are growing in industrialized countries," he said. "And as you know, when demand is high and supplies are low prices soar.

"We see at the pump today and the U.S. Energy Department warned that gas supplies can retighten the spring and summer, resulting in even higher prices. Therefore, it is prudent to explore other alternative fuels and that's what Toyota does not "even said Inaba.

To reinforce how Toyota's strategy and fuel efficient hybrid is successful, the impact of the Prius high Inaba, the unit that was on American roads and distributors franchise since 2000.

Compared to the average of the vehicles since 2000, Inaba has calculated that the Prius has saved about:

-1.1 Billion gallons of gasoline
-16 Million tons of CO2
- $ 2.9 billion in fuel costs.

"And a recent study, if everyone in the U.S. led to a Prius, we could reduce our dependence on foreign oil in 70" Inaba said.

"That's why we've created a whole family of Prius to meet the diverse needs of American consumers, including a plug-in Prius and the new Prius this spring c is" shared.

Beyond the Prius, Inaba also used his appearance in Chicago to reach many more fuel-efficient technologies is Toyota business:

-Set up of internal combustion engines and reduce vehicle weight for better mileage and lower emissions.

-Creation of advanced solid state batteries and metal-air, which could double the performance of lithium ion cells today.

-The use of more carbon neutral, eco-based plastic plants to develop the components inside our vehicles.

Fuel sales fuel cell hydrogen zero emissions of the vehicle 2015.

"Therefore, based on available fuels, we are ready to meet the needs of customers, wherever they live," he said Inaba.

In addition, Inaba praised the leadership of president, Akio Toyoda World has come to a wide range of businesses to ensure that the products of Toyota will meet the changing needs of customers and society.

In the past 21 months, Inaba said Toyota:

-Forging an alliance with Tesla to bring to market an electric RAV4 quicker than expected.

-Team with Ford to develop hybrid systems for trucks and large SUVs.

-In collaboration with Microsoft to ensure the latest technology to connect vehicles in the future clouds anywhere on earth.

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