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2012 Toyota Prius C Preview

2012 Toyota Prius C Preview
2012 Toyota Prius C
Upon arriving at Canadian dealerships in March, a subcompact Toyota hybrid first car, the Prius c ("c" means "city") will offer the best fuel economy of any hybrid on the market, except for plug-in hybrids in like the Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid cars of the future in much electricity as the Chevrolet Volt.

Toyota claims an impressive combined city / highway fuel economy rating of just 3.7 L/100 km (76 miles per imperial gallon). While consumption of fuel in the real world is a little older, the Prius c will always be one of the most fuel efficient five-passenger car on the planet.

The first hybrid car gas and electricity sold in Canada, the 1999 Honda Insight, which offers the same fuel economy down, but it was a small two-seater coupe unattractive. Toyota has taken a smarter approach, offering a hatchback body style, four-door practice and with a base price under $ 21,000, Toyota is becoming more accessible to younger, entry-level buyers who want a small city ​​car that is both affordable and easy to drive in the city.

2012 Toyota Prius-C Picture Gallery

Included in base price of the Prius c will be $ 21 000 automatic climate control, 3.5-inch color LCD screen, USB port with iPod / iPhone connectivity, remote keyless entry with illuminated entry and tilt and telescopic steering wheel with audio controls, climate handsfree and Bluetooth phone.

Fuel economy is exceptional c Prius in part because it is smaller and lighter than the Prius mid-size Prius and c. It weighs 246 kg less than the Prius sedan, and is 485 mm shorter and narrower than 50 mm. It is slightly larger than a Toyota Yaris hatchback.

Instead of the standard '98-hp Prius 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, the Prius c uses a gasoline engine of 1.5 liter four-cylinder produces smaller than 73 horsepower and 82 lb-ft of torque. Combined with a 45 kW (60 hp) electric motor combined is 99 horsepower (74 kW). This compares with the Prius big 134 hp (100 kW).

As with other Prius, Prius c, the driver can choose between three different driving modes: Normal Eco and EV mode. Eco mode reduces total energy consumption for air conditioning and throttle to improve fuel efficiency. EV mode allows the Prius c to be used exclusively by electricity at a short distance (one mile), while remaining below 40 km / h.

To respond to the small size of c Prius, Toyota has redesigned its hybrid system to reduce weight, size and improve efficiency. The Hybrid Synergy Drive integrates the operation of the gasoline engine, electric motor, continuously variable deck, 144-volt Nickel-Metal Hydride, and various electronic controls, including a power control unit (converter), a converter of DCDC, a step forward converter and a hybrid of computer control.

To maximize interior space and handling, the hybrid battery and fuel tank are placed together in the back seat of the wheelbase, which improves weight distribution and improved handling. In addition, this site allows the Prius to deliver c surprisingly spacious 104 cu. feet of total interior volume (87.4 cubic feet of passenger volume. pi, pi 17. ft cargo volume).

Available in March, the c Prius is offered in three trim levels starting at less than $ 21,000. Details not yet available, but the available exterior colors include Mandarin, Lime and Aqua Pearl White, with Blue Streak Metallic, Absolutely Red, Sable Black Pearl, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Classic Silver Metallic and White.

The interior of the Prius uses c blue / gray as the base color to the edge of the inner door, and seating surfaces on the dashboard lighter colors to help create a contrast. Two audio systems are available: an audio system with six speakers and basic AM / FM CD player with MP3/WMA capability, auxiliary audio input, USB connection for iPod, speakerphone capability, access to directory, and music streaming Bluetooth wireless technology, the system adds seconds of audio visualization and audio with navigation and Sirius XM satellite radio capability.

In addition to nine airbags as standard, c 2012 Prius will come with stability control, traction control, ABS brakes, electronic distribution of braking force, brake assist, and stop the smart technology.

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