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2011 Toyota RAV4 Review

A long time can be betting in the CUV, and the RAV4 is no longer safe for competition
Toyota RAV4
Toyota RAV4 carved and was one of the first crossing for sale in the United States during the past fifteen years, out of a well-deserved reputation as a CUV small and affordable and reliable to prove especially popular with young people and families. However, during that time helped to create a part has been transformed into one of the most controversial in the auto industry, where buyers have a number of alternatives, the value of Toyota pioneered the original. That being said, the Rav have what it takes to keep on top?

While Toyota's reputation for quality, reliability and assaulted in the past two years due to many of the very little, and dissemination to a large extent of all its products in North America have an excellent reputation for durability, quality and reliability. And therefore still appeal to a wide audience and interested parties. And the RAV4 is no exception.

Widely used for the redesign of model year 2006, it has the look more mature and stretching the wheelbase 6.7 inches, making more than 20 percent increase in passenger and cargo space. Has seen more of the update engine 2009 adoption of larger, more powerful 179 horsepower 2.5-liter four-cylinder (166 hp replacement 2.4), quirks equipment and a mild facelift. For 2011, and trademark CUV small, and the time is still mainly in the base (from $ 21,925), Sport ($ 23,625) and Limited ($ 24.915) to reduce levels, with a choice of front or engine 4WD, four-cylinder, engines V6.

Home to the central market
From those used to describe any Toyota product in the past decade, ruff the current atmosphere of intimacy. Is put together well with a good fit and finish and accurate to some extent fit the team and paint largely free from orange peel - something to continue to spread in a number of automotive competition.
Toyota RAV4
RAV4 Limited models feature unique front grille, deeper and a distinctive look and a little more aggressive. Doors close with a decent sounding "slapping" but what we can not understand is why the depth stop is open to the right. There is nothing wrong if you live in somewhere like Australia, Japan or the United Kingdom, but here it is quite difficult. We had been there several times when it was parked in the streets of a city, to go out in the blood circulation and open thing - watch out for in the mirror if I were struck by a passing car. Given that the market Toyota car for young families, a potential security risk, especially if more than 74 percent of drivers in the world on the right side of the road.
Toyota RAV4
The highest quality interior, but not standard equipment
In terms of comfort, decor and comfort, and dozens of RAV4 is very high. It is roomier than the current containment Honda CR-V and the end, and is still above most of the competition, including the will of the Chevy Equinox and Terrain GMC. Thanks Optitron M, dashboard readable and very easy to read (for day and night), and control stems strong and easy to use, plus all the center console is large and functional in hand.

Front seats, Toyota model, including enough and wide, comfortable and not with the front / back support and lower back. However, compared with some competitors, the cabin looks a little austere. RAVs base and reduce the level of sport comes with a primitive sound system and the absence of such features as leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a standard cargo cover, and the second row of air-conditioning and satellite radio - now standard items on many of the competitors. You can use these functions on the role of women in development, but you have to switch to the Limited (which adds $ 1300) or new for 2011 is a package price of the upgrade system includes six audio CDs with XM Radio, control audio controls Steering 0.17 wheels inches, daytime running lights, and Sunroof, and cargo cover interior and higher quality fabric.

Passenger second row, and seat comfort is decent and stretching area. Helped by the roofline box to somewhat more than 38 inches to remove the head of the row and the second legs nearly 39 inches, making it two adults plus 6 - foot to sit in the quality of comfort - there is enough space for three children. The second row can be stored in the form of a comfortable 60/40 provides the amount of cargo space and we welcome the additional access to the third row - which is rare in this part. Best reserved for the latter Tutes few, but the rise again is generous of some other cars in the class, and when not in use, the third row folds into a hole in the ground, and create a completely flat load floor.

Hot Rod, but the fuel behind the V6
On the road, and a reasonably comfortable ride quality is not ruff. 2.5-liter four-cylinder (179 horsepower in the classification and 172 foot pounds), accelerated and very lively, but the four-speed automatic (the only transport available), please feel free to feel. Revised in some cases even the hills with quick maneuvers or a bit frustrating, especially when you consider that necrosis is not up to the maximum 4000 rpm and you have 3400 £ weight to move around.

And V6, however, is the engine of Hot Rod. In the classification of 269 hp and torque of 246 lb / ft, and it seems that the RAV in the sleeper - with the acceleration of a bold and accompanying soundtrack. In fact, rates of acceleration in a Toyota V6 in six-second range! It pulls hard right through the rev range and there is enough power in reserve for just about everything, and on the highway pretty quiet. Automatic five-speed plus it smoother to use than the driver at high speed four on RAVs support four-cylinder - with acceleration transitions and clear, accurate, and also despite the V6 with the torque curve pale Instead, slushbox five-speed conditioning so good.
Toyota RAV4 - V6 engines 
It has also offered $ 160 package prep pull on the V6, which is the cooling system, heavy and cold and the transfer of generator contains Ruff, attracting up to 3500 kg, making it ideal for pulling small boats or personal watercraft.

As for the fuel consumption of the four-cylinder manages about 22 mpg in the city, 28 - miles per gallon on the highway programs and confrontation 21/27-mpg for 4x4. And the V6 is not far behind not far behind 19/27-mpg (4x2) and 19/26-mpg (4x4).

Comfort-oriented ride
Helped by the relatively long wheelbase, ride quality and comfortable, not too soft and all independent suspension has a job to enjoy the great disadvantages of off-road. Wind noise is noticeable, especially around the base of the windshield at speeds over 65 km / h, and not something one tends to expect from Toyota.
Toyota RAV4
Dealing with the unexpected to some extent, but at higher speeds when cornering or changes during the fast lane, and there is significant body roll and forward on the steering wheel - something we do not normally expect from Toyota. The weakest link frames - the basic models 215/70/16s be installed only to provide enough grip on slippery roads, and under load, even with the latest limited-slip differential, and examples of traction on the front wheels can be difficult sometimes.

4WD versions provide the best grip, but the maximum for a contact with the best way to switch to larger wheels and tires. Toyota does not offer a wider 225/65 / 17 tires on models V6 (good conversation in the light of the power of this engine running), while Sporting are equipped with 235/55/18s which looks very effective and does a good job to improve the torque of a larger engine - or in a straight line or through the corners.
Toyota RAV4
Ruff's priorities are still biased much asphalt. While you can project a little off the beaten path and a great system if you live in snow belt, and the lack of low range means that traction can be difficult, and best left to the real raw stuff from other more specialized equipment.

Steering Committee offers a decent through the highway in the middle of the city, but in a sharp change in direction or speed of acquisition-bit spongy feel at low speeds, but it's relatively light touch and RAVs impressive turning circle makes parking a child of the city. Toyota offers Descent Control and Hill Start assist function helps to keep the car on the hills. It is especially useful in an urban area with steep slopes (think San Francisco), allowing you to focus more on maneuvering in the ruff, particularly in sites crowded with pedestrians and parked cars.

Although by no means chicken from SUVs built, and despite renewed for the year 2009, the RAV4 still manages to provide a strong group, with good interior space and performance for powertrain surprising in V6). Optional third row is also a bonus.
Toyota RAV4
While the group of solid, there are two big downsides in the Ruff, a fuel and price. In this section are hotly contested, and there are the latest competitors that the largest amount of standard equipment to protect the less money.

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