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2011 Toyota Prius Reviews: Features And Safety

Toyota Prius
Press the button on the Prius in the ignition and the information screen on the dashboard as follows: "hello to you in the Prius," as if it was throwing open the gates to the kingdom, which the legendary in some ways it is. Acquired a status almost legendary Toyota Prius, and worshiped and the statement of a lifestyle that preening greenness and contempt for the same reason by the category of SUV and pick up tough leadership. I do not fall into the category. Although I have owned, and enjoyment, consume large quantities of gas, SUV s and light trucks, I was impressed exposure to my previous report to the Prius (plug-in version), and I have no more sympathy than any other citizen in the West of Saudi oil shaikhs who hold us hostage to their whims.

I'm ready for it, to be objective in my assessment of this game decisively changing cars of this style is what has been, since its inception in all parts of the world in 2001 (good year for a poke in the wheels of the Saudi oil machine). By September 2010, it sold more than 2 million units, half in the United States apart from becoming a car a symbol of Hollywood celebrities green colored, played a Prius, of critical importance in the hybrid car first, which anyone can take seriously as a real car (Remember the first Honda Insight?). Therefore, the cobalt gray 2011 IV - Prius, there are five levels of trim-dynastic period, I'm through the Prius Prius V - spent a week based in the garage Auto-savant, Texas branch, and do the real car things like taking me and family members back and forth to Austin and San Antonio and up and down the road winding country Hill. hypermedia I am, and I drop the hammer, and I spray through the tropical rain, and I am shocked and beaten over gravel paths, and I took a week's worth of groceries, and generally I put the car through the mill a bit. It's alive and, more importantly, they did it first
Toyota Prius
In fact, it's not like this car a little after that. The 2011 Prius is classified officially as a medium-sized enterprises, and passenger and cargo room inside the back-up this assessment. Driver and passenger front seats, leather-appointed in the car test, and very comfortable, with leg and ample head room, and there is enough space in the rear seats for a few footers six take easily without undue penance, if not from New York to Los Angele's, at least say, Dallas to San Antonio. The rear seats split and fold down to form 60/40 and return a lot of room for the assignment, in addition to 21.6 cubic meters. Feet in the rear cargo area. Under the center console that has raised such as support for flying down from the dashboard there is deep bin that easily absorb stray elements of my grocery store (for a six pack, tissue boxes, etc.). There are upper and lower glove compartments, and the square two-story unit. You and your passengers to have more than enough space for all these packages Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger You have to be to get your safari Mall next.

You should also be well protected from the random clobbering and other violent incidents. Like all modern cars, model boasts a collection of the latest safety gear, starting with a multitude airbags for driver and front passenger, side seat mounted, knee, and front and rear side curtain. Standard across the line is the system of the Toyota Star Safety, which includes vehicle stability and traction control and ABS (ABS) with brake-force distribution and electronic brake assist. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gives the '11 Prius "good" in general, the highest classification of them. Prius and also the engine immobilizer, which prevents the car from being stolen, because the engine, in order to start, needs a chip inside the key. This intelligent, in my book. This is a solar panel on the roof, and that store solar energy and releases internal ventilation when you press the button on the main subject of FOB. Cool feature, in every sense of the word.

Decor within the Prius is the future a bit, as you might expect, and Sarah does not, but it evokes the famous one-word advice of career due to Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate: "Plastics" It Plastic-world in there, and made all the more plastics because of the absence of traditional measures; slope wide of the plate of gray plastic front of the driver takes off and culminates in a long process and the digital readout display and placed centrally. Digital displays are beginning to look quite frankly, like the future is less than the previous version of the future, California. 1970. In any case, I did not like the digital readout. Not have the aesthetic appeal, and require more attention than normal, and large scale because the role of the old) after being used in cars for 100 years, the plain, old round large measure analog is intuitive, and b) digital screens tend to look very busy, and they washed in bright light.

Last contact with a future is a strange but attractive little joystick - that the shifter snaps back to center after you select your gear from the R, N, D, or B (for braking speed). Was chosen garden by clicking on the button P significantly at a time, where you will also find most of the climate on the functions of entertainment, including the sound system with the upgrade (on the model the fourth and fifth levels of trim), satellite radio, voice activated touch-screen DVD navigation system, 4 CD changer, backup camera, iPod / USB interface audio, and Bluetooth music streaming. Switch seats with the exception of the heater, which for some strange reason and artfully hides under the onslaught of the support units, as well as controls laid out and logical to use. Air-conditioning system, particularly the part - AC, comes in for special praise as a model of efficiency and simplicity. Again, I speak as a resident of the famous sub-tropical warm to designers because it is a remote activation system c /.

Prius, as we know, hybrid, that is, a car payment by gasoline and / or electric power. Joined to generate power with the 1.8-liter 4-cylinder gas engine and a pair of electric motors / generators, and by the continuously variable transmission (CVT) producing 134 horsepower and a joint and 105 lb-ft of torque. These are not numbers to set the pulse racing, and let's face it, this is not really a car driver. You will not see the Prius Cup in Indianapolis or Monte Carlo. But acceptable for a car engine, with no unpleasant surprises, and even a few of them pleasant: Guidance communicative or reasonable at least not over-boosted - electrically assisted, for example, and the vigor of the throttle response at high speeds. Even on the launch pad in the Prius gives a decent account of itself.

There are media - EV driving four Eco, Normal, and energy. Ecological situation is efficient in fuel consumption, as the name suggests, but slow. Normal mode is the default position. Power mode is faster, less economical, but away from the stop, but pulls impatiently. I am long time 00-60 in the power mode, in dry conditions with no wind, in less than 10 seconds, and the right to ball in the garden of the manufacturer of 9.8 seconds. No Corvette, certainly, but there are slow cars, and I have to pay for them. At least in a position of power, and never feel the Prius is slow, although the 4-cylinder engine makes its voice heard under hard acceleration. And EV, or electric car, and the option, turn off the gasoline engine entirely, but only at speeds of 25 miles per hour or less, until 6.5 amp / hour nickel metal hydride pack uses up its cargo. But when the EV mode works, it's fun to Gos in silence, like a cat, about parking, and as long as you unlock the car horn to alert pedestrians of your approach.

This is all well and good, but the raisin drive of this thing, from stem to stern is, of course, and fuel economy. Everything works together to achieve this end. To maximize the efficiency of movement through the air and on the road through the design of the aerodynamic and the Prius has a drag coefficient of 0.25 form Comeback traditional features of a smooth and raised, the tail tapered, making it not only for the smooth flow of good but also very nice-looking machine, or at least not the student who nerd on wheels, it was previously. Also, the use of low rolling resistance tires that can get very noisy on rough surfaces to reduce friction of the road, and contribute a little extra to save the consumption down. Of course, there a double hybrid system, and do the bit. Despite all these bells and whistles, however, I was disappointed with the fuel economy in my country first. I was getting 35 mpg or so, hardly up to the standards Prius.
Toyota Prius
But after the Web search-Hakim, a little, I realized that my car was rarely test the new brand to break even now. This concept is archaic sounding is actually important for the hybrid, which can last tens of kilometers significantly better after the first 1000 km. Fortunately, the turning point occurred during my tenure with the car, and after that things have improved a lot. During the exercise my hypermiling, and crept along the side streets less traveled purely for experimentation, and I was with 80 miles per gallon joking, according to the Driver Information Center. In normal driving, and the EPA's and Toyota's - figures from the city miles per gallon (51) and Highway 48, for an average year 50, and just in line with the mileage my notice, within three or four numbers: he claimed the car's center of information I 'and the average 47.6 miles per gallon d over the week. Suffice it to say that after six days of the city's steady and fast I had was still leading a quarter of a tank left, regular, and good for a group of about 150 km.

And that's all you really need to know the Prius. The fact that it is also enjoyable and comfortable car is the culmination of the process. Be warned, however: are gone and offers attractive, with gas prices hovering around $ 4 per gallon. This is the time when pressure on all manufacturers cent out of their hybrids. You'll probably have to pay full price for your Prius: $ 23K or so to the base model, down to around $ 32K for V and well-equipped Prius, is it worth this price? This decision is subjective, of course. There are other hybrids with appeal equal to or greater, in terms of pure and / or performance design: Ford Fusion, for example, the Toyota Camry hybrid, or private. But the Prius is unique, but is the T-hybrid cars. To hat's all you really need to know the Prius. The fact that it is also enjoyable and comfortable car is the culmination of the process. Be warned, however: are gone and offers attractive, with gas prices hovering around $ 4 per gallon. This is the time when pressure on all manufacturers cent out of their hybrids. You'll probably have to pay full price for your Prius: $ 23K or so to the base model, down to around $ 32K for V and well-equipped Prius, is it worth this price? This decision is subjective, of course. There are other hybrids with appeal equal to or greater, in terms of pure and / or performance design: Ford Fusion, for example, the Toyota Camry hybrid, or private. But the Prius is unique, but is the T-hybrid cars. To own one is owning a piece of automotive history. Can be considered priceless.
Toyota Prius
2011 Toyota Prius Features & Specs
           Barcelona red Metallic
           Blizzard Pearl
           Blue Ribbon Metallic
           Classic Silver Metallic
           Sandy Beach Metallic
           Winter Gray Metallic

          Bisque, leather
          Dark Gray, leather
          Misty Gray, leather


    Rear spoiler

Tires and Wheels
    Alloy wheels
    17 x 7.0 in. wheels
    Steel spare wheel
    P215/45R17 tires
    All season tires
    Inside mounted spare tire
    Temporary spare tire

Roof and Glass
    Variable intermittent wipers
    Rear defogger
    Intermittent rear wiper 

Towing and Hauling
     Cargo tie downs

    Width: 68.7 in.
    Height: 58.7 in.
    Length: 175.6 in.
    Ground clearance: 5.5 in.
    Front track: 59.6 in.
    Rear track: 59.4 in.
    Wheel base: 106.3 in.
    Cargo capacity, all seats in place: 21.6 cu.ft.
    Maximum cargo capacity: 39.6 cu.ft.
    EPA interior volume: 115.3 cu.ft.
    Gross weight: 0.25 in.
    Curb weight: 3042 lbs.

Exterior Options
    Special Color
    Alloy Wheel Locks
    Clear Protective Film
    Lower Door Molding
    Door Edge Guard
    Rear Bumper Applique

Engine & Performance
     Base engine size: 1.8 L
    Cam type: Double overhead cam (DOHC)
    Cylinders: in line 4
    Valves: 16
    Valve timing: Variable
    Torque: 105 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm
    Horsepower: 134 hp @ 5200 rpm
    Turning circle: 36.0 ft.
    Base engine type: hybrid

    Drive type: front wheel drive
    Transmission: continuously variable-speed automatic
    Brake hill holder

    McPherson strut front suspension
    Torsion beam rear suspension
    Front independent suspension
    Front and rear stabilizer bar

    Fuel type: hybrid
    Fuel type: regular unleaded
    Fuel tank capacity: 11.9 gal.
    Range in miles (cty/hwy): 606.9/571.2 mi.
    EPA mileage est. (cty/hwy): 51/48 mpg

Mechanical Options
     Remote Engine Start
Toyota Prius
Safety & Security
    4-wheel ABS
    Front and rear head airbags
    Dual front side-mounted airbags
    Child seat anchors
    Remote anti-theft alarm system
    Emergency braking assist
    Ventilated front disc / solid rear disc brakes
    Rear door child safety locks
    Engine immobilizer
    Front fog/driving lights
    High pressure washers headlamps
    Auto delay off headlamps
    LED headlamp
    2 front headrests
    3 rear headrests
    Passenger airbag occupant sensing deactivation
    Rear center 3-point belt
    Front seat-belt pretensioners
    Stability control
    Traction control
    Electronic brake-force distribution
    Front height adjustable headrests
    Rear folding headrests
    Passenger head restraint whiplash protection system
    Driver head restraint whiplash protection system
    Self-leveling headlights
    Tire pressure monitoring

Safety & Security Options
    First Aid Kit
    Emergency Assistance kit
    V.I.P. Security Upgrade

Warranty    Basic: 3 yr./ 36000 mi.
    Drive-train: 5 yr./ 60000 mi.
    Hybrid Component: 8 yr./ 100000 mi.
    Free Maintenance: 2 yr./ 25000 mi.
    Roadside: 2 yr./ 25000 mi.
Toyota Prius
Front Seats
    Front head room: 38.6 in.
    Front hip room: 52.7 in.
    Front leg room: 42.5 in.
    Front shoulder room: 54.9 in.
    Heated passenger seat
    Heated driver seat
    Driver seat with power adjustable lumbar support
    Height adjustable driver seat
    Bucket front seats

Rear Seats
    Rear hip Room: 51.2 in.
    Rear head room: 37.6 in.
    Rear leg room: 36.0 in.
    Rear shoulder room: 53.1 in.
    Split-folding rear seat-back
    Folding with storage center armrest

Power Features
    Remote power door locks
    Power mirrors
    Heated mirrors
    4 one-touch power windows

    Cruise control
    Front console with storage
    Front and rear cup-holders
    Front door pockets
    Overhead console with storage
    Retained accessory power
    Front seat-back storage
    Electric power steering
    Universal remote transmitter (for garage door, security system, etc.)
    12V front power outlet(s)
    Tilt and telescopic steering wheel
    Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel

    Interior air filtration
    Climate control
    Cargo area light
    Front reading lights
    Simulated alloy trim on shift knob
    Electrochemical inside rear-view mirror
    Dual illuminating vanity mirrors

    Trip computer
    External temperature display
    Low fuel level warning

In Car Entertainment
    Mast antenna
    JBL premium brand stereo system
    JBL premium brand speakers
    8 total speakers
    AM/FM in-dash 6 CD player with CD MP3 Playback stereo
    XM satellite radio
    Auxiliary MP3 audio input
    3 Months of provided satellite radio service
    Radio data system

    Pre-wired for phone
    Bluetooth wireless data link for hands-free phone

Interior Options
    XM Satellite Radio
    Auto-Dimming Mirror
    Cargo Net
    Cargo Tote by Nifty Product
    Cargo Organizer
    Illuminated Door Sills
    Carpet Floor/Cargo Mat Set

    Navigation Package
    Appearance Package
    Preferred Premium Accessory Package
    Preferred Accessory Package

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