Thursday, July 15, 2010

Motorcycle Monster : Fear

Motorcycle Monster ,   Melbourne,, Australia, Australian monster
Monster Motorbike

Melbourne, Australia - Monster trucks are cool. They are in first class cars: mad energy, 4WDs absurdly large that adults and for children, for my dream to drive.

Since most of them can crush cars.

But the monster bike?

No, this is not a Holiday date yet, but for Acrobat, Ray Bowman, dropped a huge gift to Melbourne Motor Show with a motorcycle beast from hell.

And you can crush a car - having a brilliant yellow Holden Camiras.

Will show the mind bogglingly huge monster motorcycle in 2008 at the Melbourne International Motor Show (MIMS), supported by Ba Detroit Diesel truck engine results ungodly amount of torque.

Ray Baumann establishing that weighs about 10 times the normal family car of 13.6 tons and measures close to 9 meters and more than 3 meters.

It's big, bad and very loud.

Motorcycle Monster ,   Melbourne,, Australia, Australian monster
The Monster Motorbike is doing its part for the
good of Australian motoring: crushing Camiras

Can motorcycle super heavy water 10 feet to crush cars, first gear, although a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission borrowed from the engine just in case you have to watch a few kilometers from the highway.

It is also used for the difference in Eaton two trains bound to lead to the chains on both sides of the rear wheel spectacular.

"We did stunt driving for quite some years," Baumann says: "break a few records and broke my back several times, so this is a way to take less care.

"Now we crush things, which is definitely less risky than jumping them - we have yet to jump things, but not the Auto Show in Melbourne," he said Baumann.

We're not sure whether the motorcycle monster capable of popping wheelies and monos, but Commodores crush party trick is impressive.

Such a huge quantity and in strip form as an alternative to guns, bicycles, motorcycles and the monster was bigger than life.

Motorcycle Monster ,   Melbourne,, Australia, Australian monster
This Western Australian monster will be
one of the 'biggest' attractions at MIMS

Baumann has large wheels, which tower more than people from Caterpillar. They usually cost around 30,000 dollars, but it seems the other hand, this would reduce costs.

Normally used for mining trucks and Caterpillar, prevalent in Western Australia, where they can cart around 300 tonnes of gravel, bicycles and motorcycles over the monster in a custom white wheels, which adds much to the beauty of a bike. As blood drips and decals.

Built crush car hire in Perth, and Ray Baumann spent three years developing the car, which according to reports, the surprise of viewers during the demonstrations earlier in the West.

If you plan on heading to Melbourne for cars, and be careful where you position your car ...

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