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China Market Car Maintenance: 2 - Will be a 3-Year Changes -Auto Maintenance, Auto Care, Auto Maintenance - Auto Supplies

Auto Care, Care, Auto Maintenance, Auto Supplies, China Market , Car market

The rapid development of automobile industry and the level of consumption of people is growing, and cars owned by the private sector and provide a reality. Today, more and more cars to the homes of ordinary people. According to estimates, each 0.65 yuan per car 1 and the consumption of the engine after-sales service. In addition, along with the cars increase consumption, knowledge and understanding of consumers and the preservation of the car also underwent a big change, "one third of the reform, and seven through the lifting of" the idea of lifting on behalf of reform has been accepted widely. This means that the professional standards and high quality of the auto industry in the service of present and future possibilities of consumer auto market development. Maintenance requirements and potential subsequent deepening of Automotive Industry, and is constantly changing. Therefore, in the coming years 2,3, auto maintenance, the mixing of papers, which show changes.

Market in the level of policy-making innovation

In China, with a significant increase in car ownership, and the market need more than the number of wide distribution, and enhance the quality of spare parts, and the level of high-tech diagnostic accuracy and advanced equipment, maintenance, professional services firms rapidly conservation of new adaptive changes in the growing auto market. According to data from the State Information Center: Since 1996, car sales in China to increase a total of 15% per year, of which the annual demand for cars stretching 100? 2000000 level. With the strong growth of the industrial economy, and people live and work in the future will greatly accelerate the speed of the car would inevitably become a popular means of transport, service and maintenance of vehicles and will also become a popular daily consumption. It is obvious that the maintenance of existing vehicles can not be entirely clear to meet this need.

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Late 80s 90s early on, China was a used car outside the peak of the added materials. Increased and today, the Commission on National Development and Reform announced that due to high world oil prices recently, will continue to rise, according to the forming mechanism of the price of oil after its renovation, and decided at 0:00 on March 25 of petrol and diesel prices by 290 yuan per ton and 180 yuan. In addition to the car "to maintain the seven, the third revision" concept has been recognized by the car owners more and more, in this case, set the auto industry or the escalation of Qiangzai added off ...... Detailed throughout the day car maintenance

Market, there are two drawbacks: First, although the maintenance of various forms of beauty, after another, in every place, but the lack of unified management, the market is not uniform. Within the story, and violations. In the absence of uniform standards to guide public policy, can imagine the confusion in the market. Therefore, the industry needs the government introduced the policy of the relevant standards for business practices that follow the laws, to make this possible; Secondly, there are a number to maintain internal management are not uniform, there is no guarantee of product quality and low technology, poor product quality and structure, and sell products and management store less comprehensive than the poor, experience and awareness of staff of the service, which makes it difficult to provide good services to consumers. Therefore, companies need to train well in the internal structure and conservation, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in a number of brands to create their own piece of heaven and earth, and to provide good services to consumers as well as achievements in themselves.
Auto Care, Care, Auto Maintenance, Auto Supplies, China Market , Car market
Preventive maintenance and routine primary care to both DIY

Gulf War in 1991, a weapon known secret has caused shock national military, a mechanism of coordination theory of preventive maintenance, and the United States based on the theory of saving one third of the military today, based on a trusted center coordination mechanism has been used widely in military theory, and cars , electricity and other fields. Automotive preventive maintenance is to protect the car's performance at the center, to reduce the cost of the vehicle integrated restore and maintain the best features of the goal of a new maintenance system. It does not only include the regular maintenance of all content, even with routine maintenance of the lack of data, as appropriate, maintenance and testing, then the problem can be solved within the incubation period outside, and take the necessary precautions to avoid problems caused by everything from scratch when losses excessive economic.

In many Western countries, many car owners like yourself beauty, DOITYOURSELF, referred to as DIY. In fact, beauty day cars are not as you can imagine that the mysterious. Commonly used in day-care worker cleaning, scrape and save for the protection of the Polish agent. Some of the products of both the most impact on the basic daily care to complete the car. And maintained the success of the Olympic Games in 2008, which was held at the Olympic Games, not only for consumers in some products DIY car, alive, "DIY primary health care" concept quietly in the hearts of consumers. In addition, in the context of the economic crisis, consumers, and Wujin their own pocket. But the savings go to save the car, or want to use a car or keep them, and since the consumer is not willing to go outside, it has become DIY yourself a good alternative. Moreover, their hands will bring a lot of unexpected fun, dress up care allows car owners, taking also a step forward with the car, and the heart closer. Thus, in the day, until the crisis, and the retreat of the cold and the owner is not willing to give up their cars, "close contact" time DIY.
Auto Care, Care, Auto Maintenance, Auto Supplies, China Market , Car market

DIY beauty treatments on the car for a week, with the exception of the use of car wash to clean the first time, in time to remove surface stains? This will not harm the wax original. In addition, each month, the beauty of a car full of care, including washing and waxing, polishing and cleaning the wheels and interior clean and spare parts. Of course, DIY is not a panacea, and consumers should be in a state car, and due to the beauty shop car sent to the implementation of professional nursing career.

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