Monday, July 26, 2010

America's Saves Everything - Automobile 2010

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A few years back after the break is a car showroom Hungexpo, though a little odd sikeredett of the event, it does not make a good couple is represented. The ujdonsagdomping but instead is an old American army Batar, tuningauto and sure there are judges who are seen as a serious piece of news: the pavilions are kamionhegyek between.

The last public on the Motor Show in 2005, was held in 2006, the industries and professions gathered at the Hungexpo last year but lost in the Automobile Issued in 2007 as promised, because most of the importers withdrew from the rendezvenytol For various reasons, in addition to the Item shop in Budapest would have coincided with the Bucharest the international fair calendar. Fiat and Tata, except dealer of the year's issuance of Hungary also remained absent, replaced traders have been issued cars. In practice this means that there are no previous exhibitions standkomplexumok usual spectacular, stage. Nice wait while the cars themselves solidly in the pavilion, which is a good part of it also parts and kiegeszitoarusok and tuningcegek occupy.

"Over the past years has been discussed with the importers, who this year is thought, is not directly involved in the motor show, with the exceptions of fiat Group and Tata, the Indian importer. However, there are half-measure, the Citroen and Peugeot as the Hungarian representative of the stand helped implementation of the exhibition appeared in dealers' - said megkeresesunkre Andras Kele, Inc. Hungexpo Project Director, who is about fifty thousand visitors counts of the Sunday closing time. When we asked, why was that last year in the salon, Kele Andrew replied that the Budapest event had coincided with a point Bucharest the international fair calendar, so it was decided in May this year be held the exhibition.

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